Post-Doctoral Degree

Post-Doctoral DegreeFor those who had Doctoral degree

Post-Doctoral Degree, also known as PostDoc, is a special programme of SIMI Swiss that exclusively for candidates who have had a Doctoral degree (DBA, EDD, PhD..) wishing to continue their research career, becoming supervisors, and publishing articles on Journals belong to SCOPUS and ISI systems.

PostDoc requires candidate to make a substantial effort to proceed with their PhD studies or new projects with international standards to publish scientific papers on SCOPUS and ISI systems. Under the professors’ guidance in the role of a guide, companion, and coordinator that cooperates with SIMI Academic boards in supervise and ensuring qualified researches for publishing.

After completing Post Doctorate Degree, the candidate will achieve:

  • Intensive scientific research competency according to international standards
  • Publish at least 01 scientific articles on SCOPUS or ISI
  • The competency in research supervisor to the doctoral candidates
  • Received Post Doctoral Degree from SIMI Swiss
  • Received PhD Research Supervisor Certified from UNESCO Chair.


  • The PostDoc is not a academic degree (DBA, EDD, PhD… is the highest academic degree) but an academic title, an important position in the academic world.
  • The selection of candidates is particularly limited and according to the standards of SIMI Switzerland. SIMI Switzerland reserves the right to accept or refuse PostDoc candidates.
  • SIMI’s PostDoc complies with SIMI standards and requirements of international research publishing organisation.


The Post Doctorate Degree workshops will take place in SIMI International campuses:

  • Research Methodology in Advance
  • Mastering Doctoral Research Supervisor Skills
  • Research Publication
  • Scopus/ISI Publication Research Article

Graduation requirements:

  • Completion of subjects with a passing score or higher
  • At least 01 research article presentation in SIMI Swiss Colloquium
  • Proff for working with your research supervisor during the research time
  • Successfully posting at least 01 scientific articles in the journals belonging to the SCOPUS or ISI.

Entry requirements:

To join the PostDoc programme, candidates must:

  • Graduated with a DBA, PhD, EDD… from an accredited university or achieved equivalent with Level 8 EQF Diploma.
  • Students must be over 28 years old.
  • SIMI reserves the right to decide whether to accept or refuse after a specific review on each candidate’s profile to ensure that candidate is most eligible to participate in the programme.

English requirements:

  • ESOL English according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) from B2 or equivalent.

PostDoc SIMI Swiss’s output goal is to successfully publish 01 scientific articles in SCOPUS or ISI group journal. Candidates will be supported with:

  • Research supervisor guide throughout the research process.
  • Guidance and Support for the publication of international articles in the SCOPUS / ISI journals and Academic Journal of Switzerland.

When participating in the Postdoctoral programme (Postdoctoral), Doctors should note:

  • Post Doctorate Degree programme is implemented according to SIMI Swiss quality standards and the compulsory standards of international research publishing organisations.
  • Post Doctorate is not a academic degree (DBA, EDD, PhD… is the highest degree) but an academic title or an important confirmation of the research world.
  • The requirement for graduation is publishing at least 01 international scientific articles on the system of ISI / SCOPUS and in the Academic Journal of Switzerland.
  • SIMI Swiss reserves the right to accept or refuse candidates due to its restrictive and strict admission policy.
  • SIMI Swiss does not accept candidates from unaccredited institution, fake PhD degree or from diploma mills.
  • SIMI Swiss does not commit anything beyond its authority.
  • As the private Swiss higher education institution, the Swiss government does not provide scholarships of any kind for SIMI students. Subsidies come from SIMI Switzerland.
  • Only after being published on the research publication system of ISI / SCOPUS, the new research papers will be published in the Academic Journal of Switzerland.

Please contact SIMI Swiss local partner for more information.

During the time to study PostDoc:

  • Opportunity to become Master and PhD research supervisor of SIMI Swiss (International students).
  • Opportunity to become SIMI Swiss International lecturers.

After graduating from PostDoc Degree, researchers are confident to become:

  • Doctoral research supervisors for PhD learners for any full accredited and recognized university.
  • Opportunity to participate in international research supervisor of the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation in Switzerland and in SIMI’s international campus.
  • Connect with other researchers.
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