26 Swiss Cantons – The Full Guide For International Student In Switzerland (Pt. 2)

26 Swiss Cantons - The Full Guide For International Student In Switzerland (Pt. 2)
26 Swiss Cantons – The Full Guide For International Student In Switzerland (Pt. 2)

In the previous article, we had the opportunity to learn about 7 cantons of Switzerland. In this article, let’s find out about 9 more!

State of Nidwalden

The canton of Nidwalden is also one of the original three cantons of the Swiss Confederation. The first three cantons of Switzerland include Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden; Unterwalden was later split into Nidwalden and Obwalden. So Nidwalden is also a half canton.

Nidwalden is home to the Stanserhorn Cabrio – the world’s first open-top, double-decker cable car. When traveling by this cable car, you can enjoy amazing 260-degree views from the top deck as you ascend to Mount Stanserhorn. In addition, Nidwalden offers various outdoor sports activities such as rafting, kayaking and paragliding for Swiss residents.

State of Glarus

The canton of Glarus, also known as the canton of Glaris, is a canton in east-central Switzerland. The capital is Glarus, which has the highest population density in the state. The population speaks mainly Alemannic German.


What makes Glarus so appealing to tourists is the mild climate in the valley and the alpine climate in the mountains. Its territory includes the Linth, the Linth Plateau and the Walensee.

State of Zug

Zug is a canton with a population of about 122,000. It is known as one of the smallest but richest cantons in Switzerland. One in eight people at Zug is a millionaire. The canton is located between the Prealps and the Central Swiss Plateau. What tourists love to do here is take a cruise on Lake Zug, which is Switzerland’s tenth largest lake and located in Central Switzerland.

State of Friborg

The canton of Friborg is in the Romandy region of Switzerland (the French-speaking part of Switzerland). This region is known worldwide for the delicious cheeses they make. Residents here are bilingual, with two-thirds of citizens speaking French and about one-third German. Its capital city is Friborg. The Swiss Plateau encompasses the canton’s western and northern regions, while the Swiss Prealps encompass the canton’s southern half.

State of Basel-Stadt

Basel is often known as the cultural capital of Switzerland. This is due to the large number of museums and the variety of cultural events the city hosts. That is why the city is also on the UNESCO cultural heritage list. The canton is one of the smallest, but most populous, cantons of Switzerland. The population of Basel-Stadt is about 197,000 people. Because Basel borders Germany as well as France, this unique geographical location allows visitors to get from one country to another by public transport quickly.

State of Basel-Landschaft

The Swiss cantons of Basel-Stadt, Solothurn, Jura, and Aargau, as well as the French cantons of Grand Est and the German cantons of Baden-Württemberg, share boundaries with Basel-Landschaft. It is located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, with Allschwil as the major city and Liestal as the capital. The area is known for its numerous fortifications, castles, and lengthy hiking trails.

State of Schaffhausen

The Rhine Falls, located in the canton of Schaffhausen, are Europe’s second greatest waterfall.. Its mesmerizing 23m elevation is definitely worth your visit. Schaffhausen is the northernmost canton of Switzerland. Its population is about 79,000 people. The canton of Schaffhausen borders the Swiss cantons of Zurich and Thurgau, as well as the German counties of Waldshut, Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis and Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg.

State of Appenzell-Ausserrhoden

The state of Appenzell Ausserrhoden is home to a variety of unique attractions and breathtaking natural beauty, including mountain views that will astonish any visitor. The state bordering St. Gallen and Appenzell-Innerrhoden. This is mainly agricultural land, with 12,000 hectares of agricultural land. The population here is about 54,000 people.

State of Appenzell-Innerrhoden

Appenzell-Innerrhoden has a population of 16,000 and is a German-speaking state. Its most populous town is the capital Appenzell. The canton is almost as small as Basel-Stadt, and half of it is used for agriculture. The area is famous for its rural customs or traditions, such as the autumn grazing ceremony, and cultural events such as folk music and rustic Swiss dances.

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