SIMI Academic Quality Control

C.A.T.S Quality control systems

CATS quality control systems are found and developed by SIMI. Based on this, our programs are not only recognized and accredited but also help SIMI to improve our training quality day by day.

  • Contents: Syllabi and training contents are updated, practically-oriented, and professionally relevant.
  • Accreditation: 100% of our programs are accredited. SIMI follows the regulation of the relevant accreditation bodies.
  • Technology: SIMI adopts high technology in its Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • Services: SIMI deploys all activities with a spirit of service.

Through the C.A.T.S. Quality Control Systems, SIMI ensure a high level of innovation, cutting-edge pedagogies, modern-day education technology, and hybrid (blended) learning models.



SIMI believes that external accreditation will have the following benefits:

  • Enables SIMI to continuously improve its academic programs, quality of teaching and learning, and activities related to our many partners.
  • Helps SIMI to determine if it meets and exceeds minimum quality standards.
  • Enables learners to select appropriate institutions for enrollment.
  • Assists SIMI in determining the acceptability of transfer credits.

SIMI aims to seek accreditation in all of its educational aspects:

  • Accreditation for SIMI as an institution of higher learning.
  • Accreditation for SIMI at a program level
  • Accreditation for SIMI as an endorsed program delivery institution.


SIMI has developed its own Learning Management System (LSM), which has all advanced features for:

  • Storing all learning materials
  • Storing books and supporting learning materials
  • Connecting with e-libraries on an international scale
  • Interacting between academics, staff, and students

SIMI owns its School Management System (SMS) which enables:

  • Students to access academic results during and after their studies at SIMI
  • Automation of all administration processes

SIMI has developed its own Broadcast System with Live Class. This enables students to join, learn, entertain, and interact with our live broadcast from anywhere in the world.


SIMI deploys all of its activities with a customer-orientation in mind:

  • SIMI carefully monitors all its academic and non-academic activities making sure all customers’ needs and expectations are fulfilled.
  • SIMI focuses on maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • SIMI seeks to obtain feedback from learners and all stakeholders in order to continually improve our activities.

SIMI - fully accredited and globally recognized

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Blegistrasse 7, 6340 Baar, Switzerland

SIMI is the first Higher Education provider in Zug, Switzerland. SIMI is accredited by ASIC and licensed by Canton of Zug, Switzerland in the training and research.

Accredited by ASIC
Fully accredited by ASIC UK, Premier institution status.

SIMI Swiss is the first accredited institute of higher education in Zug Switzerland.

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