Visit campus policy

At SIMI, we recognize the genuine need for parents and relatives to learn about the living and educational environment of their children. To facilitate this, SIMI provides ample opportunities for family members of our full-time students to visit our campus. These visits allow for meaningful interactions with school representatives and guardians, and a chance to explore our learning spaces.

However, access to our campuses, particularly certain locations, requires specific procedures such as an invitation letter or an entry permit. This is to ensure the safety and security of all students and to minimize disruption to their studies and the school’s routine operations. To this end, SIMI has implemented and communicated clear policies for family visits and interactions with school staff and guardians.

Please note, to maintain a safe and orderly environment and to avoid disrupting daily school activities, only parents and relatives of full-time students are permitted to schedule visits to the campus. These visits are designed for meeting with school representatives and guardians, and for spending time with their student relatives. Additionally, family members are limited to visiting the specific campus where their student relative is enrolled.

At SIMI, in addition to our Full-time program, we also offer an online study option that attracts a substantial number of students worldwide. Due to the nature of this program, where students are not required to obtain a full-time student visa, managing safety and security becomes particularly challenging for us. We regret to inform parents and online students that, as a result, we are unable to accommodate campus visits for our online student community. We sincerely apologize for this limitation and appreciate your understanding of our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of everyone involved.

Visit campus policy

In pursuit of supporting our hybrid training model, SIMI Swiss has invested in numerous cities and e-campuses both in Switzerland and globally, aiming to bring programs and support systems closer to learners.

During the program implementation, whether in Switzerland or online, SIMI Swiss may hire or collaborate with partner universities for execution, but it’s important to note that these campuses are not fully owned by SIMI Swiss.

While many universities may not be clear about this, SIMI Swiss, guided by its commitment to transparency, refrains from pledging investments in large campuses. Students are encouraged to engage in discussions with parents and relevant parties before enrollment, and SIMI Swiss does not commit to meeting expectations of studying at a sizable campus.

As a hybrid higher education institute with the approval of Canton Zug, and taking into account the secure office locations of SIMI Swiss, if relatives of full-time students need to meet with SIMI Swiss staff in Zug or visit our city or e-campus in Switzerland or other countries, it’s crucial for students to notify SIMI Swiss in advance.

SIMI Swiss reserves the right to approve or deny the request, taking into consideration its work schedule and human resources plan.

When visiting either the city campus or e-campus of SIMI Swiss, please take note of the following:

  • Only relatives of full-time students are allowed. We do not accept or arrange visits for off-campus/online students and their relatives.
  • Advance notice is necessary, and tour dates are not bound by SIMI Swiss public holidays and seasonal schedules.
  • Students should be aware that the city campus or e-campus is an executive office, constituting a segment of the building’s campus and not a sprawling campus akin to public schools.
  • Some training venues, libraries, and facilities catering to SIMI students operate in collaboration with partner universities in Switzerland or public schools in Switzerland. It’s important for students to recognize that these facilities are owned either by the Swiss government or a partner university. Under these collaborative programs, only the parents of students studying in Switzerland are permitted to visit and experience these facilities.
  • Students are expected to prioritize safety and security and should refrain from disrupting the day-to-day operations of SIMI Swiss. Additionally, students bear the responsibility for compensating any damage incurred to SIMI Swiss facilities, as well as facilities belonging to partners and government entities in case of damage or loss.

SIMI Swiss recognizes the cultural variations in educational practices across countries, and it’s common for international students to envision schools with expansive campuses. However, this perception doesn’t necessarily apply to private schools in Switzerland, particularly under SIMI Swiss’s strategic innovation model. Committed to transparent information, SIMI Swiss refrains from making commitments beyond its control or presenting inaccurate or unrealistic content. SIMI Swiss encourages prospective students to engage in proactive learning, understanding, and embracing the journey with the expectation of excellent academic experiences.

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Accredited by ASIC
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SIMI Swiss is the first accredited institute of higher education in Zug Switzerland.

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