Swiss Information and Management Institute (SIMI Swiss) is the first accredited institute of higher education in Zug Switzerland.
Prof. Dr. Seyed Mohammadreza Ghadiri
Chancellor of SIMI Swiss


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Excellent Education

Switzerland is known to have an excellent education system and SIMI is the first fully accredited, globally recognized university in Zug, Switzerland.

Multi Awards

All SIMI programs are fully recognized by leading accreditation agencies and world-class universities. SIMI learners may receive awards from both SIMI and one of its partner universities.


SIMI is fully accredited by ASIC and the programs are fully recognized and endorsed by OTHM and CTH, which are fully accredited by Ofqual.

True Scholarship

SIMI learners may be eligible for scholarships and financial aid based on academic merit and personal financial needs.

Modern Pedagogy

The SIMI learning approach embraces a hybrid model, combining e-learning and live classes with local support systems.

Open Pathways

Successful SIMI graduates may qualify for a next-level top up, which may include professional and academic appointments.

e-Campus & Learning centersWe not only has e-campus in Switzerland and Europe, but also all over the world

SIMI has a single mission: We strive to be the very best in the higher education space!

The Swiss Information and Management Institute (SIMI Swiss), previously known as the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation, expanded its scope by approving more institutions and gaining additional accreditations.

SIMI Swiss was founded with a singular mission: to become a global leader in offering high-quality, fully accredited, and internationally recognized academic programs to a diverse, worldwide student body.

SIMI Swiss offers a transformative educational experience, granting students access to authentic, high-quality Swiss education and training. This opportunity is enriched by distinguished professors, internationally recognized qualifications, robust employability prospects, and clear paths for career advancement.

Our career-oriented study programs are based on and are fully compatible with the established European educational systems, guidelines for higher education are outlined in the Bologna agreements. Compatibility is evaluated through an accreditation process via accredition and recognized bodies.

SIMI collaborates and works very closely with our partner universities, accreditation agencies, and local governmental bodies. This ensures the highest level of academic integrity and excellence as well as mutual recognition of hard-earned academic degrees.

The Swiss Institute of Innovation & Management (SIMI) is the first independent and accredited private institute of higher education in Zug, Switzerland. SIMI is not part of Switzerland public higher education sector and not regulated under the Federal Act of 30 September 2011 on the Funding and Coordination of the Higher Education Sector (HEdA), SR 414.110

Recognized & Accredited

zug canton logo 500

Zug Canton

Legal License No. CHE-258.08.017

Accreditation for International Schools, Colleges, & Universities, ASIC

Accredited as Premier Institution

SVEB – Swiss Federation for Adult Learning

Swiss Authorized member
AQS ISO logo

ISO 21001:2018

Accredited by Euro American Joint Accreditation Center (EA-JAC)
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OTHM United Kingdom

Management Programs accredited by Ofqual

ATHE United Kingdom

Financial and Accountant programs accredited by Ofqual
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Accredited for CPD Programs

Accredited No. 778678


European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System
Bolognia Process

Bologna Process

Bologna Process for Higher Education Area

European Union

European Union of Private Higher Education (EUPHE)

SIMI Schools & Institutions

How students will benefit

Up to date syllabi

SIMI course syllabi and their text books are constantly upgraded in line with changes in the external business and policy environment.

Practical knowledge

SIMI programs are grounded in real-practice applications with a view of preparing students for the modern-day workplace.

Improve skills

SIMI programs enable students to develop the required skills in order to bring about changes in the modern-day workplace.

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SIMI Swiss is the first accredited institute of higher education in Zug Switzerland

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