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SIMI is the first Higher Education provider in Zug, Switzerland. SIMI is accredited by ASIC and licensed by Canton of Zug, Switzerland in the training and research.

Accredited by ASIC
Fully accredited by ASIC UK, Premier institution status.

Hybrid learning represents a model that combines both online and live classes with local support systems. The Swiss Information and Management Institute (SIMI) believes this learning approach will offer all the benefits of modern education while maintaining the highest standards.

Benefits of SIMI Hybrid Learning

Saving Time
Life-long learning
More Personalized
More practice-focus

Types of Hybrid Learning

Based on the characteristics of students and programs, SIMI will choose one or a combination of hybrid learning models:

  • Station Rotation Hybrid Learning
  • Flipped Classroom Hybrid Learning
  • Project-Based Hybrid Learning
  • Self-Directed Blended Learning

Student-Centred Learning (SCL)

SIMI applies a Hybrid-Learning-Model with a distinct Student-centeredness in mind. Thus, the following applies:

  • Reliance on active rather than passive learning;
  • Emphasis on critical and analytical learning and understanding;
  • Increased responsibility and accountability on the part of the student;
  • Increased autonomy of the student;
  • A reflective approach to the learning and teaching process on the part of both the student and the teacher.

SIMI Steps of Hybrid Learning Models

Before class starts, students must participate in SIMI’s Learning Management System and read all the notes to understand learning outcomes, teaching plans, and all the important inscriptions that SIMI lecturers want students to take notice of.

This step will help students understand what they will learn and what they need to do in order to learn.

SIMI broadcasts classes internationally enabling students from all over the world to participate. This allows students to interact with fellow students, communicate with lecturing staff effectively, and obtain support from the SIMI academic board.

After the live class, students are required to attend either a traditional class or a tutor session at our local Accredited Learning Centers with their questions in mind. SIMI’s local lecturers will provide practical knowledge and address all inquiries.

Due to variations in application processes across countries and markets, our local expert lecturers are the ideal choice for students.

Critical thinking skills and activities fostering reflection are integral parts of our training processes. Students will gain these skills through various self-learning activities, in-depth discussion questions, and private interaction with SIMI lecturers.

SIMI self-learning materials are based on 4 steps:

  • Tell me: What is it?
  • Show me: What could they (you) do with this?
  • Involve me: What could you do with this?
  • Show me more: What about others?

After each class, students will undertake activities focusing upon real-life practices thus enabling the students to apply theoretical learning to real-life cases.

SIMI Swiss is the first accredited institute of higher education in Zug Switzerland.

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