Balance between Practically-oriented
and Academically-focused
SIMI professors aim to strike a perfect balance
between focusing on learning
that is academically-rigorous yet practically-applicable.
Academic Board
Hybrid Learning
We bring together the best of “both”
worlds enhancing traditional face-to-face learning
with e-learning tools to maximize students’ learning.
Hybrid Learning

Change begins with a question. What will you ask?

The new education world is not just merely giving instructions on what to do but helps learners ask their own questions and find the best solutions. Our lecturers will help students delve deep into critical inquiry every day to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

  • SIMI lecturers are carefully selected based upon academic and professional qualifications as well as suitability to subjects.
  • SIMI lecturers are leading experts in their respective teaching fields.
  • SIMI lecturers exhibit a great deal of enthusiasm for their majors.
  • SIMI lecturers display a strong dedication and provide prompt and supportive feedback.
  • SIMI lecturers are are available for consultation even beyond class time.
  • SIMI lecturers constantly upgrade their teaching materials.

SIMI lectures’ characteristics

SIMI Schools

School of Management

Management science is a broad interdisciplinary study of problem-solving and decision making in organizations. It uses a combination of analytical models, data science, and behavioral sciences to address societies’ most complex problems.

School of Education Sciences

Our education faculty members are in charge of classroom learning methods, academics of education services, as well as emerging online and digital education technologies.

School of Aviation Management & Logistics

SIMI is the first higher education provider in Switzerland have the Aviation management school and programs. Avaition Management and Logistics faculty will help learners effectively plan, implement, and monitor services, information flow related to these in the Aviation sector.

School of Information Technology

Our faculty of the School of Information Technology are uniquely positioned to teach both the academic and practical sides of IT and computer science. Learners can join the workforce immediately upon completing program requirements.

School of Finance & Banking

We are not only educating accounting and banking professionals, but inspiring the next generation of leaders who will drive change in all areas of society by redefining what it means to be an accounting and financial professional.

School of Hospitality Management

Switzerland has been ranked as the #1 destination for its hospitality and hotel management schools. SIMI offers leading-edge academic programs with the view of developing hospitality and hotel management leaders of the future.

How students will benefit

Up to date syllabi

SIMI course syllabi and their text books are constantly upgraded in line with changes in the external business and policy environment.

Practical knowledge

SIMI programs are grounded in real-practice applications with a view of preparing students for the modern-day workplace.

Improve skills

SIMI programs enable students to develop the required skills in order to bring about changes in the modern-day workplace.

SIMI Academic Board

SIMI accredited & recognized programs

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