Change begins with a question. What will you ask?

The new education world is not just merely giving instructions on what to do but helps learners ask their own questions and find the best solutions. Our lecturers will help students delve deep into critical inquiry every day to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

  • SIMI lecturers are carefully selected based upon academic and professional qualifications as well as suitability to subjects.
  • SIMI lecturers are leading experts in their respective teaching fields.
  • SIMI lecturers exhibit a great deal of enthusiasm for their majors.
  • SIMI lecturers display a strong dedication and provide prompt and supportive feedback.
  • SIMI lecturers are are available for consultation even beyond class time.
  • SIMI lecturers constantly upgrade their teaching materials.

SIMI lectures’ characteristics

SIMI Schools & Institutions

Logistics & SCM Institute

LSCM Institute specializes in education and research in logistics and supply chain management. It offers various academic programs and focuses on practical skills and industry collaboration. The institute also contributes to the field through research and innovation in supply chain practices and technologies.

How students will benefit

Up to date syllabi

SIMI course syllabi and their text books are constantly upgraded in line with changes in the external business and policy environment.

Practical knowledge

SIMI programs are grounded in real-practice applications with a view of preparing students for the modern-day workplace.

Improve skills

SIMI programs enable students to develop the required skills in order to bring about changes in the modern-day workplace.

SIMI Academic Board

SIMI accredited & recognized programs

SIMI International Lecturers

Welcome, brilliant lecturer!Please send us your information to support@simiswiss.ch, or fill out our online form. We will contact you soon.

    SIMI is the first accredited institute of higher education in Zug Switzerland

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