Official Announcement: Level 7 Diploma Is Now Master Degree, Endorsed By UK ENIC

Official Announcement: Level 7 Diploma Is Now Master Degree, Endorsed By UK ENIC
Official Announcement: Level 7 Diploma Is Now Master Degree, Endorsed By UK ENIC

As one of the very few universities in Switzerland that is accredited for each stage of training by the British competency diploma system, the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation training programs grant not only Swiss degrees, but also qualifications from the UK competency system (Level UK), which are recognized and transferable to most accredited and recognized universities in the world.

In addition to the Master’s degrees granted by SIMI, students can also receive a Level 7 Diploma from the UK, accredited by Ofqual, recognized throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia according to the Regional Qualification Framework.

In order to support more information about the recognition of Level 7 Diploma in the UK, UK ENIC, the unit in charge of the recognition of UK degrees has confirmed that Level 7 Diploma is equivalent to a Master degree. Information as below:

A. Confirmation from Athe that Level 7 is a Master degree:

ATHE is a global awarding organization regulated by Ofqual and the other UK and international regulators. ATHE qualifications are approved as progression pathways to relevant Bachelor’s and Master’s Top-Up degrees by a growing number of UK and international Universities, providing significant tertiary education opportunities for our learners (source). SIMI is accredited by ATHE and has been granted a certificate of accreditation. Besides ATHE, SIMI is also accredited by OTHM UK, Qualifi UK, and LRN UK.

B. Confirmation from UK ENIC that Level 7 Diploma is a Master degree:

UK ENIC is the unit authorized by the UK government to conduct the assessment and recognition of UK qualifications that have confirmed Level 7 Diploma as a Master’s level. For more information on UK ENIC, you can read here.

D. Recognition of the UK Level 7 Diploma as a Master in Europe:

Level 7 of the UK according to the RQF (examined by Ofqual) will be recognized as a European Level 7 according to the EQF. Level 7 of Europe according to the EQF is a Master’s Degree.

E. Recognition in Australia

Australian Qualifications Framework
Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian framework system differs from the UK and European frameworks but has equivalent recognition. Level 7 Europe and UK correspond to Level 9 of Australia. Level 9 of Australia is a Master’s Degree.

F. Recognition in Africa

African Continental Qualifications Framework
African Continental Qualifications Framework

The African Framework of Reference is quite similar to the Australian Framework. Thereby Level 7 of Europe corresponds to Level 9 of Africa. Level 9 of Africa is Master Degree and Master Degree Professional.

G. Recognition in ASEAN

ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework – AQRF
ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework – AQRF

The ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) is built on the basis of similarities with the European Qualification Framework in which Level 7 of Europe and the UK will correspond to Level 7 of AQRF. Based on the AQRF competency framework and output standards, Level 7 of AQRF is a Master’s Degree.

Source: The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation

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