Master Dual Qualifications with VERN’

The Dual Qualifications program with two independent Master’s qualifications from SIMI Swiss and VERN’ University- one of the top universities in Croatia.

SIMI Swiss, an accredited institution, proudly introduce the Dual qualifications group of program. Designed to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, Dual qualifications programs at SIMI Swiss equip aspiring professionals and current leaders with the tools needed to navigate and excel in the ever-evolving global business environment.

Owing to its extensive accreditation and recognition across various competency frameworks and universities, SIMI Swiss, in partnership with VERN’ University – one of Croatia’s top-ranked universities – ensures mutual recognition of graduation achievements and award multiple qualifications.

Our academic partner, VERN University, is renowned for its recognition, such as being one of Croatia’s top universities (QUDAL), having state recognition from the Croatian Ministry of Education, government accreditation (ASHE Croatia), and European higher education quality accreditation (ESG). Additionally, it’s internationally recognized by IAU, a member of EFMD, acclaimed as Croatia’s first national education brand (Superbrands Croatia), and recognized by the EU through the Erasmus+ program.

Upon successful completion of the program, learners will receive two independent Master’s qualifications:

  • (1) Master of Business Administration (MBA) from VERN’ University.
  • (2) Master of Business Administration (MBA) in one of the 17 majors from SIMI Swiss.

About VERN' University in Croatia:

State Recognition by the Croatian Ministry of Education

VERN’ University is recognized as a University by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Croatia.

Government Accreditation in Croatia

VERN’ University is government – accredited by the Agency for Science and Higher Education. ASHE is the highest accrediting organization in Croatia, exclusively for universities in Croatia.

ESG Accreditation

ESG (Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area) is the most important recognition for universities in the EU, facilitating the use of VERN’ degrees within the EU.

International University Recognition

VERN’ University is recognized as an international university and is listed on the IAU (International Association of Universities). VERN’ is one of only two universities in Croatia with this prestigious recognition.

One of the top universities in Croatia

VERN’ University is recognized as one of the top universities in Croatia by the QUDAL (QUality meDAL) evaluation and ranking organization.

First University to receive Superbrands Croatia

VERN’ University is the first university in Croatia to receive the national “Superbrands Croatia” distinction for academia. VERN’ has proudly held this distinction for 20 years.

Erasmus Distinction

VERN’ University has achieved the Erasmus extended university (Erasmus Mundus) charter awarded by the European Union.

Member of EFMD

VERN’ University is an official member of EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), an academic and expert network in the field of management and administration.

List of Master Dual Qualifications program with VERN:(1) MBA from VERN' University; (2) MBA in Majors from SIMI Swiss.

Master of Business Administration Dual Qualifications

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Master of Human Resource Management and Talent Development Dual Qualifications

Master of Arts in Education Management & Innovation Pedagogy Dual Qualifications

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