Study in Switzerland: 5 Things You May Not Know

studying abroad in Switzerland
5 Things You May Not Know About Switzerland

Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is the federal republic of 26 cantons. The country is located between Germany, France, and Italy, making it one of the most appealing places to start your journey of exploring Europe. Not only is Switzerland famous for its majestic and beautiful natural landscape, well-known watch brands, and the ultimate Swiss cheese, but also is notable for its top education on the global scale. Studying abroad in Switzerland has become a topic of interest amongst young people nowadays. 

Here are the top 5 things about Switzerland that you may not know.

1. Switzerland has top universities and institutes

Switzerland owns quite a few of the most prestigious universities and educational institutes in the world. Two of its top institutes are consistently being in the top 30 of the Time Higher Education (THE)’s World University Rankings. In 2016 – 2017, Switzerland had a total of 7 universities in the top 150 of the same rankings. This is quite an impressive number for a country with a population of approximately 8.5 million (less than the resident in London).

Students studying here shared that they are very satisfied with the quality of teaching at the university/institute they are attending as well as the facilities around the country.

Moreover, Switzerland has been famous for years for its high-quality education pertains to Tourism and Hotel Management, Business Administration, etc.

2. Expensive tuition and expenses

Tuition fees for Swiss programs are quite expensive. The tuition fees at private schools are exceptionally high. Simultaneously, the living expenses are also quite pricey.

Besides expensive cities in Switzerland like Geneva, Zurich, etc., as we often know, Switzerland also has luxurious areas like Zug, Schwyz, Nidwalden, etc.

International students are highly recommended to review both living costs and tuition fees if considering living and studying in these areas. High tuition fee is one of the biggest concerns for students who want to access one of the best and most diverse educational systems in the world.

3. Convenient geography for cultural exchange

Switzerland is a neighbor with France, Germany, and Italy; therefore, German, French, Italian is widely used along with Romansh. This is the main reason why Switzerland is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. Because of the cultural diversity, many international students and travelers experience welcoming feelings when arriving here.

Three years studying in Switzerland can be a perfect opportunity for you to learn one of these four languages. A lot of students who enroll in undergraduate programs come back home with amazing communicating skills in German, Frech, and Italian.

Ultimately, speaking another language means you will have a better chance of working in another country where these languages are spoken!

4. You can find internship and work right after graduation

According to Totally Money, the Swiss workforce has the highest median wages in Europe. With its reputation in education and the skill you have acquired living here, you have the opportunity to stay and work after graduation. Although students with non-European backgrounds may find it difficult to obtain a visa to stay for work, if you can prove that you are the best candidate with high potential, the company in which you work can help you with your visa application.

Hypothetically, you get a job offer from a reputable company, the good news is that the cost of living is not high compared to the salary you earn. For your information, living expenses in Europe are comparatively cheaper than in Australia. The average annual salary of a teacher in Switzerland is 87,500 Swiss Francs (about 90,000 U.S dollars). Sounds good, right?

5. World’s top quality of life

It’s no coincidence that Swiss cities are consistently ranked highly among the world’s most livable cities. With the high salary and in line with the cost of living and a low crime rate, Switzerland is ranked sixth in the ranking of happiest countries across Europe with 7,480 points, behind Finland and Denmark. Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands. Zug is known as Switzerland’s most livable cities with the highest score.

Switzerland has excellent transport infrastructure, making it easy to travel around the regions and explore the culture. Especially those who love outdoor activities, you will definitely enjoy a trip around Switzerland with the breathtaking view of The Alps, stunning lakes, fresh air, and other astonishing landscapes!

In short, although the tuition fee and expenses are quite high, especially in the luxurious regions of Switzerland, students will experience the world’s top-notch education, safest living zone, multicultural environment, and especially, they will open up to the opportunity to work in one of the best countries in Europe. 

 Source: The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation, Zug Switzerland

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