The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation’s Open Day 2021 For PostDoc Program 

The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation’s Open Day 2021 For PostDoc Program 
The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation’s Open Day 2021 For PostDoc Program

The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI) hosted the Post Doctoral Degree program, also known as PostDoc last Friday, October 29, 2021. The Post Doctoral Degree program is exclusively for Ph.D. candidates who wish to continue pursuing their academic research path, to become a research instructor, and/or publish their works in SCOPUS and ISI systems.


This is a program organized by SIMI and is in collaboration with UNESCO (UNESCO Chair on Social Practices in Intercultural Communication and Cohesion), sponsored by OTHM UK, and The London Academy of Sciences to offer students the opportunity to participate in international research seminars, advance their career and network internationally.


Upon completion of the program, PhDs will achieve:

  1. Advanced scientific research capacity according to international standards
  2. Two scientific articles published on the SCOPUS or ISI systems
  3. Competence to guide scientific research for candidates who are still doctoral students or university students.
  4. Received Post Doctoral Degree from SIMI University and Post Doctoral Certified from UNESCO (UNESCO Chair on Socials Practices in Intercultural Communication & Social Cohesion).
  5. Be considered to participate in scientific research and international scientific conferences from UNESCO


The Open Day 2021 was held on October 29, 2021


The Agenda:

6.30 – 6.40 Welcome Guest

6.45 – 6.50 Introduction of Participants

6.59 – 7.05 Welcome Speech – Prof. Dr. Franco Gandolfi – President of SIMI

7.05 – 7.15 SIMI’s cooperation with OTHM – Ms. Patricia Land – OTHM Head of Operations and Compliance

7.15 – 7.25 The value of ASIC-accredited degrees & opportunities for students post-graduation – Dr. Maurice Dimmock – Chairman

7.25 – 7.35 Cooperation between SIMI University and UNESCO – Eric Olmedo – Chair Project Manager

7.35 – 7.40 The Aviation Management & the cooperation between SIMI and UITM – Dr. Michał Nędza – University of Information Technology and Management, Poland

7.40 – 7.45 Publishing articles in Scientific Journal – Seyed Mohammadreza Ghadiri – Dean of Aviation and Logistics Faculty

7.45 – 7.50 Quality training programs at the higher education level – Prof. Dr. Premkumar Rajagopal – MUST Chancellor

7.50 – 8.00 Introduction to Learning Management System

End of Event

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