What You Need To Know About Students Health Insurance When Studying In Switzerland

What You Need To Know About Students Health Insurance When Studying In Switzerland
What You Need To Know About Students Health Insurance When Studying In Switzerland

If you want to study in Switzerland, one of the things to keep in mind is health insurance for international students. 

Without health insurance, you will not be able to stay or live in the country, your health will not be guaranteed. And more than anyone else, the Swiss government will not encourage you to live under such conditions.  

But the question is, what do you know about health insurance and the benefits it brings when studying in Switzerland? This article will provide you with key information about health insurance for international students in Switzerland.

Health insurance packages for students

First of all, the reassuring fact is that there are different health insurance plans, designed specifically for international students. Regardless of whether you are a Bachelor or Master student pursuing a study program in Switzerland, or an exchange student who wants to stay for a while in another country, or an intern who wants to gain some practical experience, or your goal is simply to get better at one of the four official spoken languages ​​and foreign cultures in a host family, or as a Ph.D. student on a new path of discovery, you should know that you have to find the right insurance plan for yourself! And if you happen to have a spouse and possibly have children, student insurance plans are right for them too!

Scope and Compliance with the Law

However, it’s important to know that health insurance can be expensive and includes monthly premiums that vary from insurance company to insurance company, and also from state to state, but also from the coverage you choose. When comparing health insurance plans, keep in mind that they are subject to the law determining basic health insurance benefits in Switzerland (KVG/LAMal).

Various benefits

The next thing to know is what benefits are covered by basic insurance. There are two types of coverage: inpatient and outpatient care.

Inpatient care involves a hospital stay, outpatient care involves emergency treatment. In KVG / LAMal also includes the following services, but only if prescribed by a doctor: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing care and birth complications, nutritional counseling, speech therapy, psychotherapy.

In addition, basic insurance also includes medical analyzes and medicine bills, medical aids to help you recover, legal abortion, emergency dental treatment, and preventive healthcare. This also applies to emergency treatment abroad if you are injured while traveling in a country other than Switzerland.

Some things you need to know about health insurance

However, be aware that the benefits offered are not always 100% covered by insurance. To avoid unfortunate circumstances in the future, you should read your insurance company’s contract conditions carefully.

When you’re well-informed, you won’t have any reason to be upset or surprised in the event where you’ll need expensive treatment.

There are also some other things to pay, aside from the insurance charge. You also have to pay the so-called deductible (or franchise). Maybe some of you have heard of it, but for those who haven’t, it’s an amount that you pay for your treatment costs every year. That means, up to the deductible amount, you must pay for medical treatment out-of-pocket. However, only after this amount has been exceeded will the insurance company begin to pay on your behalf. What’s more, then you pay 10% of the cost beyond the deductible (fixed rate) up to a maximum of 700 francs per year (according to KVG/LAMal).

Your health is the most important

Partly because it is mandatory, health insurance is very important to have when studying in Switzerland, even though it can be really expensive. But everything happens for a reason: Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the whole world. Surely, you will not regret buying insurance when studying abroad here. Anyway, what is more important in life than your health, especially in a sensitive time like the present?

Source: The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation

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