Why Is Zug Switzerland’s Most Livable City?

Why Is Zug Switzerland’s Most Livable City?
Why Is Zug Switzerland’s Most Livable City?

It is no coincidence that Zug is one of the cities with the largest ex-pat community and is also the most prosperous and safest city in Switzerland. When anyone thinks of starting up a business, Zug is the city that comes first in mind. With high average pay and lowest tax rates, as well as extensive infrastructure, Zug is the ultimate place where businesses want to relocate.

The city of Zug is more than 800 years old. There is so much more to it besides safety, prosperity, tax, and infrastructure. This article will help you understand more about this beautiful city and why Zug is the most livable city in Switzerland!

Tax heaven, the paradise to global trade.

Zug has undergone tremendous changes over the past 50 years. It has become the most prosperous urban area with more than 30,000 residents and a well-known tourist destination.

First, let’s talk about what made Zug famous: tax haven!

For those who plan to study in Switzerland and work here, the first thing you should know about the country is laws and taxes. In Switzerland, each canton and even individual towns have completely different tax rates. And Zug is the city with the lowest tax rates!

Depending on personal circumstances such as personal income, marital status, children, etc., the tax can be as low as 3%, and usually, the rate in Zug will fall in the range of 10-20%. With this tax rate, if compared to Vaud, where the tax rate can be up to 27%, Zug is truly a tax haven.

More than 31,000 international businesses, including leading ones, according to Zug Canton, have chosen the city of Zug to be where their representative offices will locate. Recently, the number of business organisations here has outnumbered the number of residents.

The dining and shopping services in Zug are convenient and diverse

Dining out and shopping in Zug are spectacular experience for residents here. If people had to go to Zurich to shop for high-end items in the past, now big names in fashion are present in Zug, which is very convenient for people here.

Along with attracting businesses and entrepreneurs to meet this huge demand in food and beverage, the service is also very diverse. Swiss international students don’t need to worry about food because Zug has various food outlets, from sushi, salads, pasta to Spanish and other Asian dishes.

Geographical convenience – Zug’s located right in the middle of Switzerland and also in the heart of Europe.

Zug is located right in the centre of Switzerland, considered the best geographical location in the whole country. Zug is only 25 minutes by train away from Zurich and Lucerne. Bern and Basel are only an hour away. 

You can go to the most famous ski resorts in the world just an hour or two away by car. With the extensive public transportation system that reaches everywhere in Switzerland, you can go anywhere within the country and even to other locations in Europe from Zug.


And, of course, Zug is also the place with a high-quality education system. The local school system in this area welcomes both local and overseas students. There are many Montessori schools, local and international kindergartens that parents might consider when it comes to education for their children. 

Along with the growth of the economy in Zug, the professionals are also interested in self-training and upskilling. They often enrol in training programs ranging from certificate programs to associate’s degree programs.

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