5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad
5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

Suppose you have an opportunity to live and study in another country; it will be a life-changing experience. Travel broadens the mind, they say. Studying and living in another country allows us to gain knowledge, not only from textbooks but also from surroundings. The experience, knowledge, and skills you gain when living abroad will be your advantages in the future. 

So, if anyone asks, “Should I study abroad?” The answer is Yes. This article will give you five reasons to do so!

Access the world-best-education-system

One of the first reasons to consider studying abroad is, of course, the opportunity to access the world’s best education system. It is not by accident that countries like Switzerland, Finland, the U.S, UK, Denmark, etc., are known as the world’s best education providers. 

Even if you’ve already studied in the best institute in, let’s say, Australia, but when you have a chance, studying abroad in, let’s say, Switzerland, will never be a bad decision. When you enroll in an international exchanging program, you will have the opportunity to see and experience different teaching styles, learn about another country’s culture, and grow much more than you suppose to back home.

Of course, education is the main study abroad decision driven factor, and choosing the right school is vitally important.

Different cultures

Many students have chosen to study abroad simply because they want to learn about another culture. By studying and living in another country, you will find yourself immersed in different cultures. Things like new dishes, foreign customs, and traditions, as well as social environment, will teach you much more about your host country.

Gradually, you will better appreciate people from different background and their national history, expanding your life experience. 

Personal growth

When studying abroad, you will have to deal with homesickness – you’ll miss your friends and family, undoubtedly. However, the experience of living and working in another is worth it. 

One of the biggest benefits of living and studying abroad is that you will find yourself and develop your skills, including problem-solving, communication, adaptive skills, etc.

Career opportunities

The vast majority of students who graduate from abroad have a great advantage when they return to live and work in their home country.

When coming back, you will come back with new perspectives on culture and language, a solid knowledge base, and a willing-to-learn kind of spirit. All of these are the attitude that all employers are looking for in their potential candidates.

Furthermore, many students realize that they want to stay in their host country to work. The knowledge and local experience gained via internships will be a great foundation for them when seeking employment.

Expand your social network

When choosing to study in countries with a big international community like Switzerland or Australia, or the United States, you will meet and make friends with many other international students with different cultural backgrounds. This is also the chance for you to hone yourself and your skills, as well as learn more about cultures around the world.

To expand your social network, we encourage you to stay with other international students who are not from the same country as you. It seems like common sense that we stay with our community when living abroad. Still, by doing that, you’re missing out on the opportunity to improve your communication skills, language and be more diverse.

In conclusion

Suppose you have a chance to study abroad, we can assure you that the trip will be an unforgettable experience. Studying abroad is one of the best and fastest ways to prepare yourself for your future career. You can learn more and explore more opportunities, broaden your mind regarding the world revolving around you.

According to SAGE Research Project surveyed 6,000 alumni from 22 different U.S colleges, studying abroad has a long-term and significant impact on each individual’s career path. AIM Overseas reported that 61% of the employers agree that student’s experience gained when living and studying abroad is a plus. Also, 72% of employers said that communicating in another language is an advantage for potential candidates.

So, we do believe that the five reasons above have convinced you to decide whether to study abroad. Let SIMI be the place for you to start your journey. Contact us now to find out more information about studying abroad in Switzerland and get an overview of SIMI programs.

Source: The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation

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